BLS 465- Assignment #9

BLS 465- Assignment #9 - 3. Committed to staying on the...

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Nicholas Connolly BLS 465 Dr. Meyers 09/19/2011 Assignment #9 Core Values 1. Performance 2. Health 3. Innovative 4. Safety 5. Proprietary Core values Define 1.Bringing the highest quality products made with natural herbal ingredients to increase the well being of our customers. 2. Dedicated to providing women with lasting performance all day whether on or off the field.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Committed to staying on the cutting edge of new innovations in performance supplements. Mission Statement G-Biosport is dedicated to empowering women by bringing them the highest quality natural ingredients and promoting business practices that sustain both our customers and the Earth. Our goal is to ensure that you reach yours....
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