BLS 465- Assignment #10 A-B

BLS 465- Assignment #10 A-B - Nick Connolly BLS 465 Dr...

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Nick Connolly BLS 465 Dr. Meyers 09/26/2011 Assignment #10 Assignment #10A G-Biosport is dedicated to empowering women by bringing them the highest quality natural ingredients and promoting business practices that sustain both our customers and the Earth. Our goal is to ensure that you reach yours. The Functions of the Executive article discusses that there are two processes, interrelated and interpersonal, that relate to our mission statement. Our company is dedicated to both the environment by using natural ingredients and having all of our consumers needs and wants as first priority. I think that our mission statement is more gear to the A- transaction-based because we use natural ingredients, which keeps the environment clean. Also our priority is to provide a high quality, safe product that has to be approved by the FDA so that all of our customers are assured that they are doing no harm to their bodies. Lastly, we have our investors’ needs and wants in front of us by showing them that our business practices are ethical and morally correct. As we maintain all of our goals that can assure us as a company that we will be as successful as possible and sustain a loyal
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BLS 465- Assignment #10 A-B - Nick Connolly BLS 465 Dr...

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