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BLS 465- Ethics game 2

BLS 465- Ethics game 2 - original auditors who cost more or...

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The ethical actor for this problem is going to be the the CFO because he needs to make sure that the financing of the company is in order to make such a drastic decision. The stakeholders for this problem are our customers, our shareholders, our employees, the employees of the other two companies competing for the auditing job.I do not see the community being involved that much, but would be if an Enron type situation occurred which I do not see happening. . The ethical dilemma for the company is, do we stay loyal to our relationship with our
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Unformatted text preview: original auditors who cost more, or do we save money and go with the cheaper new auditing company. . The problem is going to create internal and external conflict because many people have relationships with the original company, while others are more concerned about saving money. . Upper level management will be battling back and forth deciding what decision is best for the company because this is not an easy decision to make....
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