BLS 465- Ethics, Law, Business Diagram

BLS 465- Ethics, Law, Business Diagram - wanted to make...

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Nicholas Connolly BLS 465 Dr. Meyers 08/29/2011 Ethics, Law, and Business Diagram My ethics, law and business Schematic diagram is very straightforward and simple because that is how I feel ethics, law, and business should be. I have three connected triangles representing my diagram, Ethics, Law, and Business. Inside each triangle I have three characteristics that I feel are the core values in each triangle. I
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Unformatted text preview: wanted to make clear that each triangle is worth the same as the others. In life, you need each one to work synonymously with the others or the system will not function properly. For a decision to be made, the person making the decision needs to reflect on each of the three points inside the triangle for it to be finalized....
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