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Nicholas Connolly Bus 101 Dr. Barr 1/20/2009 Boeing Case The Boeing case became a very public case when the media found out of the big scandal that was occurring between the federal government and the very successful company, Boeing Air. There were only a few key stakeholders that were involved in this scandal though. One of the primary stakeholders in the Boeing case was Darlene Druyun. Druyun was a very powerful woman who worked for the Federal Government in the Air Force department. Her partner in crime, who was also a primary stakeholder, was Michael Sears who was the CFO for Boeing Co. Both Druyun and Sears worked out a deal that would benefit them. Sears gave Druyun’s daughter and son-in-law a job at Boeing, while Druyun gave Sears several contracts and pricing breaks on planes. These two are primary stakeholders because they fall under the categories of suppliers,
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Unformatted text preview: employees, and customers. These three positions are all considered to be primary stakeholders. Two more primary stakeholders in the Boeing case were the Federal Government and Boeing Co. The role of the government is to protect the interest of other primary stakeholders as a secondary stakeholder. Boeing Co. was the supplier to the government, and their orders and contracts were increased with the illegal exchanges between Sears and Druyun. The final key stakeholder in the Boeing case was the Boeing owner. Owners of a company are very important because the need to keep a satisfactory return on investments and keep a high appreciation of stock value over time. All five of these parties were primary stakeholders because they all were engaged in making transactions in order to provide economic gain, goods, and services for the company they represented....
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