Bus 101 Christopher Connor's presentation

Bus 101 Christopher Connor's presentation - and capitalize...

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Nicholas Connolly Bus 101 Dr. Barr 3/31/2009 Christopher M. Connor Presentation Christopher Connor is the chairman and CEO of Sherwin-Williams, which is the largest paint company in the United States and the third largest in the world. It has over 3,000 stores and paints everything from houses to the Golden Gate Bridge. Edward Williams and Henry Sherwin founded the company in 1866 in Cleveland, Ohio. Connor’s has worked for Sherwin-Williams for 26 years with a sales marketing background. He had been the chairman and CEO since 1999, and is only the 8 th CEO in company history. Sherwin-Williams has been directly affected by the poor economy over the last few years because of the downfall of the housing market. The commercial real-estate market is in a decline because schools, stores, hospitals are all not being built as frequently, but Connors isn’t worried. He talked about a quote by John D. Rockefeller who said, “ Never let a good recession go to waste”. Connor’s wants to take advantage
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Unformatted text preview: and capitalize over all this opportunity and with that attitude Sherwin-Williams will make it out of this recession just fine. Connor’s talked about six areas to be focused on in times of trouble, dominate, educated, innovate, communicate, pay close attention to cash, and hire Miami graduates. One of the most important responsibilities a CEO has is to keep and maintain jobs through growth in a company and I think that shows his good ethics. He mentioned that CEO’s who publicly announce job cuts shouldn’t proud, but embarrassed. Connor’s has very good ethics and believes in morality, integrity, and trust and that is the reason why Sherwin-Williams was ranked in the top 100 best companies to work for. His employees and colleagues not only respect him, but also trust his decisions and the way he runs the company. Connor’s is a very bright and ethical man and anyone would be lucky to work for him....
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Bus 101 Christopher Connor's presentation - and capitalize...

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