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Bus 101 Earnest Almonte Presentation

Bus 101 Earnest Almonte Presentation - Nicholas Connolly...

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Nicholas Connolly Bus 101-Presentation Dr. Barr 2/26/2009 Ernest Almonte Presentation Earnest Almonte, chairmen of the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts, has had a major impact of the accounting business in America. He travels around the nation giving out a significant coin that is given to those who do above and beyond work for the accounting business. Almonte’s business card is very different than most peoples because on it is his core values, which he believes is the reason why he is very successful. There are four words on the business card, integrity, reliability, independence, and accountability. The business card is a contract with others that assure his costumers that he will uphold these four values. Almonte explained that one reason why the economy is so bad is because of the sub-prime crisis. People were buying homes that they could not afford, and that was one of the main reasons why banks started default on homes and loose billions of dollars.
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