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Nicholas Connolly Bus 101 Dr. Barr 2/24/2009 Firestone and Ford: Summary When looking to buy a car, the first issue that comes to mind is safety. Motor vehicles are very dangerous and one needs to be very careful when choosing which car to drive. Two of the most important aspects of safety when dealing with motor vehicles are the brakes and the tires because if these two components fail, the driver and passengers are in great danger. Unfortunately, Firestone and Ford did not take the aspect of safety into account when selling their Ford Explorer car and Firestone’s ATX tire. There were over 500 lawsuits brought upon both companies and billions of dollars lost over the whole process. In 1998, there were incidents of people dying in accidents while driving Ford cars with Firestone tires on them. These deaths started to create a lot of speculation as to whom to blame and both companies pointed fingers at each other without even thinking of taking responsibility for their poor decisions. Congress became involved in September
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