Econ 201- Externality Paper

Econ 201- Externality Paper - The discussion about SUVs and...

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The discussion about SUVs and pickup trucks verse smaller vehicles has become a serious debate in today’s society. Many people have criticized these excessively heavy cars and trucks as being gas-guzzlers and safety hazards. The other side to the argument is that they serve a good purpose for transporting heavy materials and they help the families who have many children or need to carpool. Many pros come to mind when talking about SUVs and pickup trucks. One pro that stands out the most is that these big cars help move heavy objects or many people from point A to point B. Whether it is a construction worker moving heavy equipment or a parent taking 10 kids to soccer practice, the SUVs and pickup trucks serve a great purpose. Another point is that without pickup trucks and SUVs it would be very difficult to tow other vehicles or large objects around. It is safe to say that a sedan cannot tow a heavy motorboat or even tow another car if it ever got stuck. These problems would make transportation very difficult and almost unbearable. On the other side, the cons to driving an SUV or pickup truck is that they are
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Econ 201- Externality Paper - The discussion about SUVs and...

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