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Eng 112 Matrix Final Draft - Connolly 1 Nicholas Connolly...

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Connolly 1 Nicholas Connolly Eng 112- The Matrix Paper Dr. Rees 3/5/2009 The Unforeseen Hero In life, truth and reality are the energy sources that help humans get through the day. The feelings of comfort and assurance give people the confidence to feel that they have a purpose in life to make a positive contribution. If the truth and sense of reality are taken away, that’s when the world starts to collapse and life has no meaning. In the film, The Matrix, created by Universal studios and directed by Wachowski brothers, Larry and Andy, describes the future where reality is perceived as another world called the Matrix. In 1999, The Matrix was released and did very well in the box office. The film earned $171 million dollars and over $460 million worldwide. The Matrix was the first movie to sell over three million DVD copies and won multiple Academy Awards and Oscars. The Matrix tricks humans into thinking they are living in a normal, truthful world, but in actuality they are living in the complete opposite. The Matrix is a simulated world, created by machines in order to control human lives where the machines can use them as an energy source. The main character Neo is a computer hacker who has been searching to figure out what the Matrix really is. Only the “One” has the ability to free the human population from the Matrix, but he will not be able to do this on his own. Neo’s lack of confidence and belief in fate is preventing him from becoming the “One”, but it is the female character, Trinity who gives Neo the strength to defeat the Agents and free the people from the suffocating Matrix.
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Connolly 2 The Matrix deals with the issue of reality verse simulation. In the film, the main character Neo knows that there is another world out there. He is unsure of what it contains or who lives in it, but what he does know is that it’s out there. As Neo becomes closer and closer to figuring out what the Matrix is, he is contacted by Morpheus and
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Eng 112 Matrix Final Draft - Connolly 1 Nicholas Connolly...

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