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Eng 112 Red or Blue Pill - much more comforting to know...

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Nicholas Connolly Eng 112 Dr. Rees 2/5/2009 Red Pill or Blue Pill? The decision between taking the red pill or the blue pill has much more meaning behind it than most people may think. Even though The Matrix is just a movie, it has deep meaning in it that affects peoples every day lives. The blue pill represents ignorance, not knowing the truth, and carrying on with ones life as it is. But the red pill represents the total opposite, truth. The red pill is eye awakening to reality, whether it is good or bad. The decision is very difficult, but is vital to ones life because it marks the path in which one wants to follow. Personally, I would choose the red pill. The red pill, truth, is something that I have been interested since I was young. Not knowing answers or ignoring subjects with which I am unfamiliar with has always bothered me. Even though the truth may hurt, it is
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Unformatted text preview: much more comforting to know what is actually happening in my life. Those who would choose the blue pill are missing out on so what life has to offer because they are stuck inside their bubble world with no cares or worries. Blue pill takers would argue that, if you’re happy with your life as is, there would be no reason to take the red pill and add more risk into you’re life. Reality and truthfulness are two issues that define who people are and what they want in life regardless if there are risks, doubt, or questioning. The fact of not knowing drives me forward in life. I would go crazy knowing that I am missing out on opportunity, regardless if the outcome is god or bad. The ultimate goal in life is to live a rich and fulfilling life, and the only way I can assure that is to take the red pill, ask questions, and most importantly challenge myself....
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