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Eng112 Matrix Writer's Memo

Eng112 Matrix Writer's Memo - was very interested in what...

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Nicholas Connolly Eng 112- Writer’s Memo Dr. Rees 3/5/2009 Writer’s Memo This assignment was very different from any English assignment I have done both in high school and here at Miami. I was excited to start this paper because I found it intriguing to write about an article written about a movie. Also, The Matrix is a fantastic movie to watch and even more interesting to write about. I was surprised to see the amount of articles and wide selection points of view written about the film. I noticed that The Matrix touches on many important issues including religion, fate, reality verse simulation, and most importantly masculinity and feminism. I choose an article called, the “Real Hero of The Matrix ” written by G. Christopher Williams that discusses why the character Trinity is the real hero in the film. The article goes into great detail about fate, reality, and women as heroes. Having never researched an article like this one before, I
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Unformatted text preview: was very interested in what Williams had to say. I read the article many times because it was long and detailed. Even though it was very tedious, I learned something new every time I reread the article. After taking notes, I wrote a rough draft that was looked over by my classmates, which was very helpful because they saw flaws in the first draft that I would have never seen. I fixed the changes my peers pointed out and went to the Howe writing center to have them look it over one last time to polish everything up. Having been to the Howe writing center before, I was again impressed at the job they do to improve on my papers. That was the last revision I made and I was finally ready to turn in my first English 112 paper. I was very pleased with this assignment and hope to do more similar throughout the semester....
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