Eng112 Mystery text

Eng112 Mystery text - another clue as to why this piece of...

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Nicholas Connolly Eng 112 Dr. Rees 1/22/2009 Mystery Text In my opinion the text “Squirrels” would be considered literature. The reason why I think it deserves to be called literature is because literature is any form of texts composed of letters. “Squirrels” looks like a combination of different types of literature. It is written in poem form, but is read more like a short story. Also, it is hard to figure out if it is fiction or non-fiction because of the lack of information. At first I was unsure of which form of literature it would fall under, but I came to the overall conclusion that it is a poem. I decided that this piece of literature is a poem because of the format in which it is written. Most short stories are not written in verse form or have as much repetition as “Squirrel” does. Now most poems have rhyming in them, but even though “Squirrel” does it can still be called a poem. This poem is set up in three separate verses, and has six words maximum per line. The word “attic” is repeated multiple times in this poem, and
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Unformatted text preview: another clue as to why this piece of literature is a poem is because of the many different ways it can be interpreted. Symbolism and the multiple ideas that come into your head as you read it make you think of different ways it can be thought of. Each verse has a different tone and a different interpretation. The first verse is talking about how he or she is intrigued by the squirrel and engaged by the way the go about. He is amazed by they way the squirrels hop around from tree to tree. The second verse has a totally different mood. The author is frustrated because the squirrels climb into his attic, which is very irritating because it is difficult to get them out. The author goes from thinking they are unbelieveable, to saying that they are not cute creatures. And finally, the third verse is a resolution. The author explains that he does not harm squirrels and tells the audience his plan to get the squirrels to leave peacefully....
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Eng112 Mystery text - another clue as to why this piece of...

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