FSW 281- CDC Observation #2

FSW 281- CDC Observation #2 - Nicholas Connolly FSW 281 Ms....

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Nicholas Connolly FSW 281 Ms. Daugherty 11/01/2011 CDC Observation #2 On Tuesday October 18 th , 2011 from 3:40 to 4:40 in the afternoon I did my second observation at the CDC. When I got there though the purple room was just leaving to go into Havinghurst dormitory. Instead of playing outside in the cold, nasty weather they played different games inside along with eating candy and getting their faces painted. This was a nice change of pace, especially because Halloween was just around the corner so the theme of the face paint and the games were very fitting I observed the same two children as last time so I was excited to see if I would notice any changes along with start putting some patterns together. The boy I was observing was very excited to play the different games and get his face painted. As I walked into the room he and some of his classmates were sitting in a circle Indian style getting ready to play the game “Simon Says”. As they were preparing for the game, the boy started to talk to the other boy sitting next to him about his band-aid on his right pointer finger. He was telling the boy that he got it from playing outside yesterday and that it really doesn’t hurt anymore. The instructor started the game and the boy was very
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FSW 281- CDC Observation #2 - Nicholas Connolly FSW 281 Ms....

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