FSW 281-Exercise #3

FSW 281-Exercise #3 - Nicholas Connolly FSW 281 Ms....

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Nicholas Connolly FSW 281 Ms. Daugherty 10-13-11 Exercise #3 Over the weekend I went to one of my fraternity brothers houses for Sunday night dinner and to reads to his five year old nephew is was going to be there. Killian, who I have met many times, is a great young kid who has more energy and spunk than anyone I have ever met. He recently turned five received some books for his birthday along with many other fun toys so I thought this would be a great opportunity to start my family studies exercise. Being that I haven’t read many children’s books lately, I was curious to see if my childhood favorites were still being read by young kids today. After dinner I asked Killian if we could sit down for a little and we could read a few books together. He couldn’t have been more excited because he was telling me that he knew how to read! We went into the basement where all of his books where and I told him to pick out his two favorite books. Killian chose Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak and The Great Ball Game: A Muskogee Story by Joseph Bruchac. I asked Killian why he wanted to read those books and he responded because I love monsters and sports. That response took me back to my childhood because that is probably how would have responded if someone asked me the same questions. These books have lots of
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FSW 281-Exercise #3 - Nicholas Connolly FSW 281 Ms....

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