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Cleve Jones Write-Up - Co-Curricular Event Cleve...

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Unformatted text preview: Co-Curricular Event: Cleve JonesName:Nick Connolly“Harvey Milk, the AIDS Quilt, and Human Rights”Section:VBMonday, February 8m 2010 Hall AuditoriumAdmission: Free, but you must get a ticket in advance.Fill out this form and turn it in via Blackboard by Monday, February 15th at midnight. Your answer to question one should be at least 2 paragraphs long, and more would be preferable. I expect at least one paragraph each for answers 2-3, again more would be better.1. How does this lecture relate to our class discussions/lectures? (give at least 2 specific examples).The Cleve Jones lecture was one of my favorite lectures I have ever been to. Not only did I learn more than I ever thought I would, but I truly enjoyed it because of how personable and funny Cleve is. Along with Cleve’s humor, he discussed his story of how he grew up and the troubles he faced of being a homosexual. In IDS, we have talked about two topics that Cleve’s story could relate to. First the topic of stereotypes came to my mind because of all the hatred and shame that Cleve talked about how badly the police treated him after Harvey Milk was assassinated just because of his sexual orientation. Also when all of his friends died and their families were too ashamed to give them a proper burial, I saw stereotyping because their own abandoned them because they thought their sons died because they choose to be gay and die of Aids. It says a lot when the people who are supposed to protect us and their own family members had very distinct stereotypes about homosexuals that they were treated sometimes like they weren’t even humans. Even our own President Regan had a stereotype about weren’t even humans....
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Cleve Jones Write-Up - Co-Curricular Event Cleve...

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