ITS 201- Exam #1 Solution

ITS 201- Exam #1 Solution - ITS 201 Exam#1 Solutions Below...

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ITS 201- Exam #1 Solutions Below are elements of an “A” answer on the exam questions I have just outlined here. Of course from you I expect complete answers and well written, well argued essays. If after reading this and you want to talk about your exam, please let me know. My door is always open. I want you to be clear about what I am looking for so you can do better on the next exam. Have a good weekend, Dr. A 1.Politics, History, Economics, Geography, Anthropology (Culture). 2.Left to Right: On the left Communism (of which the following are examples) Marxism Leninism Stalinism Social Democracy (liberal as well, but in the political sense) Liberal Democracy Republicans in U.S. slightly right of center here, Dems left Constitutional Monarchy Monarchy Authoritarianism Far Right: Fascism Nazism 3.Behaviorism: Political science methodology to test hypothesis. “science of politics” Quantifies observable behavior or political ACTIONS to test hypotheses and determine if there are political patterns for possible future policy decisions. Helps to predict political outcomes. The problem with behaviorism is that people are unpredictable, and that we cannot know the motive for their actions. The political “scientist” cannot know the black box of people’s minds. Historians, often in the humanities, understand that history does not always repeat itself. Significance is that this is an attempt to make political science a quantifiable, objective means of predicting political outcomes. A means of making it a science. Example in book of Clinton’s liberalismIn ITS this is observable foreign policy actions. 4. Regional definitions are controversial. Often a geographic definition, such as the Middle East, but there can be as much diversity within the region as similarity.
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Examples: North America. Mex, U.S. Canada. Different histories, Canada until late 19th century part of British empire, U.S. prided itself on having broken with Great Britain, and Mexico was part of Spanish Empire. Different cultures: Mexican culture is very different…
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ITS 201- Exam #1 Solution - ITS 201 Exam#1 Solutions Below...

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