ITS 201- Exam #1 Study Guide

ITS 201- Exam #1 Study Guide - ITS 201 Exam#1 Study Guide...

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ITS 201- Exam #1 Study Guide What is politics? Politics= Issues of government and governance (only a subset of what is considered political). Involves interactions of both power and conflict o Power is an essential element of politics because political issues are about who wins and who loses o Conflict is essential because without conflict there would be no dispute o Both encompass a governmental decisions and actions and also decisions and actions that occur outside of government purview, but are intensely political What inhibits politics, and what issues resist the functioning of politics today? o Power - more about keeping the power to get re-elected, start loosing focus and doing the right thing or what you truly believe in. Ideology - nationalism, identity is wrapped up in your nation (being apart of a nation sharing similar values and beliefs), religion, family values, abortion. Politicians have principles, which inhibits politics because it creates a right/wrong debate with no solution or compromise What is the difference between what historians and political scientists do? In political science, the science, REFLECTS THE POST-WWII movement to treat our subject of inquiry in a scientific manner by adopting the scientific method (testing hypothesis, collecting data, creating conclusions, ect. .) Historians - “we don’t have all the information we need, it’s how we frame the question. o Conservatives - lower taxes, individual responsibility, traditional, going back to the founding fathers, smaller government. Parsimony - makes policymaking simpler, gives us an answer. Manageable way to come up with evidence and explaining it in a way that all can understand so policymaking becomes easier. Political scientists - have to make policy, have to have evidence to base this off of. What is behaviorism? What are its weaknesses Behaviorism cannot achieve the type of value-free science that it boasts because they are humans and political beings at that. So they cannot create bias-free research designs, just assumptions into their statistical models and prejudice into their data collection. Looking at actions that people take
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We don’t know what people ACTUALLY think. Bill Clinton- is he a liberal or conservatism? He played the middle, so nobody knew what side he actually favored except for Bill Clinton. What are the major fields of political science? International Relations (Int Politics)= The domain of scholarship that examines political behavior outside of or across domestic political boarders. o Peace and Conflict, international security, foreign policy analysis, international law o They involve international exchange and do not operate at the domestic level alone o U.S Foreign Policy- need to be experts in American politics, understand the governments foreign policy and the effects of domestic public opinion and interest groups on Washington’s foreign policy decisions Comparative Politics- Domain of scholars who ask American politic-type
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ITS 201- Exam #1 Study Guide - ITS 201 Exam#1 Study Guide...

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