ITS 201- Exam #2 Study Guide

ITS 201- Exam #2 Study Guide - ITS 201 Exam#2 Study Guide...

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ITS 201- Exam #2 Study Guide What is cultural anthropology, and what do anthropologists do? o The holistic study of humanity o The scientific study of what it means to be human How can cultural misunderstandings occur between cultures? o Time, space, social class, family, sports What is Culture? o Comparative study of common sense: cultural logic What does it mean that culture is symbolic? Shared-Learned? Adaptive? Example o Shared-Learned= what is normal and common in our culture. No one is born with culture, it’s taught by families, friends, in school, the community. Ex) Pledge of allegiance isn’t said in school anymore (“under God”) o Adaptive= “Culture does not cease to be culture because it borrows and adapts”= cultures adapt, and no two cultures are the same. o Example: o Clothes may tell someone who they are o Language, very symbolic because different words mean different things. In both an international aspect and in the USA (Chicago accent vs. New York) o American Culture Wars= is it acceptable to teach religion in public education systems? Is America a Christian country? American history= teach only the positive aspects of history, or do you need to teach about both the good and bad (slavery, gender relationships, marriage, dress, Islamic ideas becoming very controversial) What is meant by levels of culture, cultural practices, cultural logics, and worldview? o Levels: Cultural difference is expressed largely though overt behaviors such as dress and idiomatic phrases o Way to resolve: 1) level of everyday practices, 2) an underlying level of reasons and logical explanations for those practices, and 3) a level of underlying assumptions about how the world works that are taken for granted o All 3 of these combine to make up the common sense by which we deal with everyday life Cultural Practices o Everyday actions through which people in a particular community get through their day o Ex) work we do, things we say, tools we use, things we buy, how we behave around others, prayers we say, entertainment we use o The surface of culture, the artifacts we produce and use, and the actions of everyday life Cultural Logics o The underlying mechanisms that generate meaningful human action,
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including routine cultural practices like those described above o 1) people act according to ideas they have in their heads. The goals, values that make the goals worthwhile, and the strategy for achieving these goals o 2) people’s cultural logics are always organized in part by real-world conditions Ex) Trobriand Isalnders are experts at making ships that can sail across hundreds of miles, but even they can be destroyed by a storm or iceberg. Cultural logics are almost always self-consistent, they have way to explain
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ITS 201- Exam #2 Study Guide - ITS 201 Exam#2 Study Guide...

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