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ITS 201- Exam #3 Class Notes

ITS 201- Exam #3 Class Notes - ITS 201 Exam#3 Class Notes...

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ITS 201- Exam #3 Class Notes 3/23/11 India’s Issues Pakistan Issues o 1947, India gets independence from Great Britain. They had a civil war with Pakistan and millions of people died o Today they still have issues with Pakistan especially with Terrorism. Cold War o India wanted to be neutral, so they signed a non-aligned movement, to try and balance the two sides and go their own direction. o Economically, they were a socialist which was right in between capitalism 3 o In 1990, they become more a capitalist-free market system. China opened up in the 1980’s and boomed so India wanted to do the same. Education Issues o Demand outstrips: supply o They have the largest middle class (300 million), but also a very large lower class that is not properly educated o Income disparity Nuclear Weapons o Pakistan is the enemy because they have nukes o China challenges them. They are also a US interest. Also, they have nukes and share a boarder Infrastructure o Only 2% of their roads are highways. Environment o Lots of air and water pollution o Have caused issues with other countries who want them to change o Attitude toward global warming is that they are still in the process of industrializing US-India relations They want to increase trade o Competition with China U.S- militarily partnership with Pakistan vs. Taliban in Afghanistan Nuclear Program o Bush Administration Lifted the restrictions on making Nuclear Weapons, but they worked together on nuclear energy o Nuclear Proliferation Treaty- wont create nuclear weapons India did sign this and still created Nuclear weapons Pakistan was upset because the US lifted India’s restrictions, but not theirs.
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ITS 201- Exam #3 Class Notes 3/28/11 Missed Class ITS 201- Exam #3 Class Notes 3/30/11 Latin America What were U.S interests in Latin America after WWII o 1954, CIA was involved in Guatemala to overthrow Arbenze (food company) o If it smelled at all of Communism, the US would get involved, not necessarily for democratic movements o CIA helps overthrow the Allende group in 1973 in Chile. o In the late 1970’s, the government helped take over Nicaragua Cuba, U.S. and Latin America o Batista o Castro’s revolution; 1959 o Bay of Pigs 1961 Failed and embarrassed the US. Even the CIA tried to assassinate Castro (Operation Mongoose). These failed attempts made it seem that his was invincible to the US o 1962 Cuban Mission Crisis o Cuban Model Anti-U.S Sphere of influence for the Soviet Union Received over $1 billion a year from the USSR Little gap- Rich + Poor which has been a huge issue in Latin America Now that they don’t receive the subsidiaries from USSR, they have opened up their markets to make up for that cash ***Health-Care. They export doctors to Latin America. Their infant mortality rate is below ours, which is a sense of pride for them They have education for all Part of the revolution in 1959 was the land reform
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ITS 201- Exam #3 Class Notes - ITS 201 Exam#3 Class Notes...

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