ITS 201- Exam #3 Study Guide

ITS 201- Exam #3 Study Guide - ITS 201- Exam #3 Study Guide...

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ITS 201- Exam #3 Study Guide India Pakistan Issues o 1947, India gets independence from Great Britain. They had a civil war with Pakistan and millions of people died o Today they still have issues with Pakistan especially with Terrorism. Cold War o India wanted to be neutral, so they signed a non-aligned movement, to try and balance the two sides and go their own direction. o Economically, they were a socialist which was right in between capitalism (US) and Communism (Soviet Union) o In 1990, they become more a capitalist-free market system. China opened up in the 1980’s and boomed so India wanted to do the same. Education Issues o Demand outstrips: supply o They have the largest middle class (300 million), but also a very large lower class that is not properly educated o Income disparity Nuclear Weapons o Pakistan is the enemy because they have nukes o China challenges them. They are also a US interest. Also, they have nukes and share a boarder Infrastructure o Only 2% of their roads are highways. Environment o Lots of air and water pollution o Have caused issues with other countries who want them to change o Attitude toward global warming is that they are still in the process of industrializing What is Latin America? Geography: begins in the deserts of the U.S-Mexico border and stretches south to the waters of Tierra Del Fuego in Argentina and Chile. Longitudinally it starts at Mexico’s Baja Peninsula and goes to the eastern coast of Brazil Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, English, and French Politics: Long-standing democracies to brutal military dictatorships What impact did the colonial experience have on the region?
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The combination of mission, technological superiority, and abundance of resources resulted in the Iberians conquering the American empires in only a few years Once in power the Spanish and Portuguese established elaborate bureaucracies not only to maintain control over the colonies but also to rein in the “independent-minded conquerors” who had traveled to the New World for their king and in search of personal power, wealth, and social status o 1) quickly established vice-royalties to administer political power o 2) Europeans sought to Christianize the indigenous population, Roman-Catholic dominated o 3) came during a mercantilist global economy, precious metal established wealth. Gold and silver mines o 4) forced labor. Ecomiendas was established that put indigenous people into indentured servitude for life o 5)Disease. Smallpox, measles, and influenza came to the Americans that they could not resist What problems faced Latin American states after independence in the early 19 th century? Criollos- American-born
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ITS 201- Exam #3 Study Guide - ITS 201- Exam #3 Study Guide...

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