ITS 201- Exam #4 Class Notes

ITS 201- Exam #4 Class Notes - ITS 201 Exam#4 Class Notes...

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ITS 201- Exam #4 Class Notes 4/20/2011 Africa Why is Africa so little known? o Less economically developed o The African Americans who came over from the slave ships, all cut ties with their ancestors, history, and culture Discuss the geographic, culture, historical, political, and economical differences and similarities of African development o Geography Very diverse Desert in the northern region- Sahara Desert Tropical rain forest in Central Africa Savanna (grass lands) is the majority of Africa Second biggest continent, Nile River is the biggest river in the world Water- has few harbors and navigable rivers which makes trade very difficult Most countries are land locked Rainfall is very sporadic Boarders are not legitimate because they were drawn by Europeans in 1884, which is a reason for all of the civil wars o Culture 1,500 Languages (colonial vs. traditional languages) 350 million or 1/3 Muslim (Northern Africa and as east as Somalia) 400 million Christians 900 million people Lack of opportunity for women (1/5 in higher education) For a country that is plagued by many events, their happiness quotient is pretty high compared to other continents o Political Africans lacked political power and administrative experience o Historical- (12 million Africans were apart of the slave trade to the new world) o How were African nations able to achieve political independence in the late 1950’s and 60s? 1956 independence, why? Immoral Colonial Rule -The ideas that Africans were adopting were life, liberty, and property. Independence Movements - The right to decide who rules over them was an idea that the Africans used to fight for
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their independence Decolonization was an idea they got from 1975 from the Portuguese WWII -After two World Wars with the French and the British, the costs of upholding the African empires were too high. o What problems faced African nationalists trying to build their states after the colonial powers left? *Civil Unrest- The boarders created civil wars with ethnic diversity Lack of education systems for Africans Classic colonial economic relations Export primary resources in return for manufactured goods Disease- HIV, malaria (kills a million people a year). They stopped using DTD because it was too toxic, but it would help keep insects out Politically- Africans lacked political power and administrative experience Kleptocracy - government steals and the money goes into their own pockets and the pockets of their families Meritocracy - jobs and positions are given based on skills and merit Cold War - There were countries taking Western help and others taking Soviet help in terms of weapons and cash, it caused a divide
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ITS 201- Exam #4 Class Notes - ITS 201 Exam#4 Class Notes...

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