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ITS 201- Final Paper - Nick Connolly ITS 201 Dr. Anderson...

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Nick Connolly ITS 201 Dr. Anderson 4/27/2011 Nigeria’s Ongoing Struggle The recent presidential election has brought even more violence and chaos to a country that has struggled with peace since it gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1960. Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa and fastest growing economy in the world has been faced with political, religious, and economic conflict for almost 60 years. The April 16 th reelection of President Goodluck Jonathan has caused over hundreds deaths and the government fears that there are more acts of violence are in the near future. The explanation of this violence can be attributed to the religious conflict between the northern Muslims and southern Christians, and their struggles with discrimination, poverty, and the new political regime. On October 1 st , 1960, Nigeria gained its independence from the United Kingdom. The people formed the Nigeria People’s Congress, which was run by Muslims from the north, Igbo from the east, and Yoruba’s from west. With three different ethnicities sharing power, the political power became very tense and soon civil war broke out. Military coups came in and out of power and the end result was over a million Nigerians were killed, wounded, or forced out of their homes. With violence settling down in the 1970’s, Nigeria joined OPEC during the oil boom, which made the country very wealthy. Along with their wealth came corruption and a high dependence on oil. The spark in the economy also started the trend for a democratic ruler to take over, but many military coups tried to interfere with this process. In 2007, Umaru Yar’Adua, a Muslim from the north was elected President, but became ill shortly after and gave his power to his vice
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president Goodluck Jonathan in 2010. One reason for the violence and corruption in Nigeria is because of the religious
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ITS 201- Final Paper - Nick Connolly ITS 201 Dr. Anderson...

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