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I think Hansen’s Disease was justifiable for the use of quarantine. People who were sick were going to spread it to other people. I think it’s a situation where either side can be right, but at the time, when noone knows how to handle the disease, quarantine was okay to do. It I was quarantined, I would hate it, but would understand why I was there. I think the only reason quarantine should be used is if the disease or virus was very
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Unformatted text preview: contagious, and a large number of people each day were dying from it. Just because someone has a deadly disease doesn’t mean they should not be able to live life, so it would have to be very contagious. Most citizens would probably want quarantine, because they wouldn’t be affected by it, but family members and infected would be. Overall, I see a need for quarantine, and would not oppose it in the United States....
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