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MIS 235 11/3/09 Katie Hirvela Section N Nicholas Connolly Project 3 Tara Hyland Nicholas Lombardi Lindsey DiLibero To: [email protected] From: Group 1 Analysis Date: November 3, 2009 2:00 pm Subject: Meeting Topics Dear Mr. Van Zandt, We have decided to send you some more information for you to discuss at your meeting. First, it is imperative in expanding the smallest categories of products to realize what these categories are. Meat/Poultry, Grains/Cereals and Dairy Products are three of our smallest categories, but Produce is our smallest with a total of five products. If we want to expand a small category, Produce is the category in which we should invest the most research and development. Second, because we want to better understand the customer base in an international company, we need to realize that our highest revenue comes from the companies of United States, Germany, Austria and Brazil. The USA generates the highest revenue at a total of $263566.98. This is important because we should continue to focus on the revenue from the
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