MIS 235 Final Study Guide

MIS 235 Final Study Guide - MIS 235 Fall 2009 Exam Review...

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MIS 235 Fall 2009 Exam Review Guide Student Learning Objectives Demonstrate IT Conceptual Knowledge and be able to… Explain why information technology is valuable for all business students to know Describe pervasive e-business technologies, applications of those technologies and the role that ebusiness plays in reshaping the competitive landscape in many industries Describe technologies and methods employed to manage data, information and knowledge Describe the decision making process and how information technology technologies support decision making at all levels in an organization. Differentiate between analytical and transactional systems and describe the types of and roles of both in organizations. Describe the types of enterprise systems, the potential benefit and pitfalls of each type, the state of the software available of each type, how the types interrelate. Explain both front end and back end business processes and the role IT can play in both. Explain the role of IT in business process innovation Explain options for and methodologies to accomplish IT driven innovation with a specific focus on the role users play in those methodologies. Identify ethical, criminal, and security issues organizations face when using information systems. Describe emerging information technologies and their potential impact on organizations Understand and use Common Business IT Tools… Appropriately query business information stored in a relational database to facilitate business decision making. Build and apply decision support models and tools using spreadsheets to facilitate business decision making. Learn how to master features of business tools on their own Choose when spreadsheet and database technologies are applicable to solve various business problems. Demonstrate Ability to Think Critically about IT Problem Solving in Business Contexts… Communicate technical information to a non-technical audience. Solve business problems using data, information and information technology
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MIS 235 Final Study Guide - MIS 235 Fall 2009 Exam Review...

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