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MIS 235- Final Study Guide - MIS 235 Exam 1 2 Textbook...

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Chapter 1-MIS 235 Outline What is an Information System? - System: a group of components that interact to achieve some purpose - Information System (IS): group of components that interact to produce information - Five-Component Framework of IS: 1. Hardware (computer, storage disk, keyboard, monitor) 2. Software (Word, or some other program) 3. Data (the words, sentences, characters etc.) 4. Procedures (the methods used) 5. People (personnel, users of the system) - Computer-based information system: information system that includes computers - Blog, or web blog: online journal; use information technology to publish information over the Internet What is MIS? - Management Information Systems (MIS): development and use of information systems that help businesses achieve their goals and objectives How Does IS Differ from IT? - Information technology (IT): methods, inventions, standards and products; raw technology and concerns with hardware, software, and data components where as IS also includes procedures and people - IT only becomes useful when it is embedded into IS How Do Successful Business Professionals Use IS? - Amazon.com-innovative application of technology; used emerging Internet combined with existing database technology What New Opportunities for IS Are Developing Today? - Two Opportunities Right Now! o Data storage and data communication are basically free o Costs of storage and data transmission are so low that the expense is essentially zero o Free data storage and free data transmission (Getty Images, Media-Partners) o Because the cost of data storage and data transmission is almost zero, the variable cost of producing the program is almost zero o All of the revenue from these programs goes straight to the bottom line - Moore’s Law o The speed of a computer chip doubles every 18 months o Principle reason why data storage and transmission are essentially zero today - Dramatic Reduction in Price/Performance Ratio o As a result of Moore’s Law, the price/performance ratio has decreased What is Your Role in IS Security? - Strong Passwords o Has 7 or more characters o Does not contain your user name, real name, or company name o Does not contain a complete dictionary word in any language o Is different from previous passwords you have used
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o Contain both upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters o Good Example: Qw37^T1bb?at o Problem with these are that they are hard to remember o One way to make memorable strong passwords is to base them on the first letter of the words in a phrase YouTube and You? - How to use free data communications and data storage in a business - YouTube was made by just three founders and went from nothing to $1.65 billion in only 20 months Chapter 2-MIS 235 Outline Everything that occurs, prices, etc. are activities that come through the interaction of business processes. Business Process (Business System)
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MIS 235- Final Study Guide - MIS 235 Exam 1 2 Textbook...

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