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Paper+4 - claims what are we to make of the issues...

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Expository Writing: 355:101 BZ Instructor: Matthew Sherrill Paper #4 Length: 5 pages First Draft Due: Monday, November 2 nd , 2009 Final Draft Due: Monday, November 9 th , 2009 Readings: Peter Singer and Jim Mason, “Meat and Milk Factories” Jon Krakauer – “Selections from Into the Wild Jean Twenge – “An Army of One: Me” In “An Army of One: Me,” Twenge makes some radical claims about the effects of what she sees as a culture overly-concerned with self-esteem. Concluding with a description of the Columbine shootings, she sees a ugly and potentially violent narcissism as a natural outcome of a culture so focused on the individual self. In light of Twenge’s
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Unformatted text preview: claims, what are we to make of the issues addressed by Singer and Mason and Krakauer? Do their findings support Twenge’s arguments about a pervasive culture of inflated egos? And, in turn, can her essay adequately explain phenomena like the mistreatment of livestock and McCandless’s potentially foolhardy enterprise? In short, is an overemphasis on self-esteem as much of a governing cultural force as Twenge claims? Formatting: Typed, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1” margins, name and date in upper-left corner, stapled in upper-left corner / page numbers in bottom-right corner, title centered at top of page one...
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