Psychology Notes ch.5

Psychology Notes ch.5 - Psychology Notes September 28, 2009...

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Unformatted text preview: Psychology Notes September 28, 2009 Today Consciousness CLASS NOTES CHAPTER FIVE Awareness of: 1. Ixterna events 2. Internal sensations (heart was racing, palms were sweating) 3. Self as the unique being having these experiences a. Why me? b. Why do I have to be the one that she calls on? c. Ability to reflect; YOU having these thoughts and feellings 4. Your thoughts about the experiences a. Self evaluation Altered States Consciousness changes for many reasons- s Can be unpredictable phsysiological changes (drunk/hypnotized/pass out) Can be predictable (when you ingest a chemical, can impact consciousness)- Altered by natural states- sleep- Artificially enduced states- using drugs, both cvs and alcohol Alcohol- Caffeine is the most widely used drug in the world o Sleep disturbances and caffeine - Alcohol ranks up there in terms of artificially chose to alter consciousness o Biological effects Depresses neural activity Disrupts reticular formation and cerebellum Balance and coordination Causes pituitary to decrease anti-diuretic hormone o Behavioral effects Depends on dosage What kind your putting in (vodka/beer) Depends on individual factors Weight Sex o Woman have fewer enzymes than men, dont metabolize alcohol as quickly as men o Alcohol will get into womens blood stream faster o Women have more body fat; absorb it more quickly o If a women is on birth control pills, decreases ability to metabolize alchohol Tolerance o How much you have to drink to get the effect o As you develop tolerance, you need more for same effect Rate of drinking o B.a.a. decrease by .015 percent per hour (thats what your body can handle and metabolize in a healthy system) o Average 150 pound man can metabolize about .33 ounzes of pure alcohol per hour in contrast to o 100 pound woman can metabolize about .25 ounzes of pure alcohol per hour 200 pound male 21 shotsx.019=.399 b.a.l. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? o .01- mild effects o .03- relaxation, minimal impairment o .06- mild sensation, exaggeration of emotion, slight impairment of muscle skills, increased reaction time, takes you longer to find simple tasks o .08- legally drunk o .09- vision and hearing impaired o .12- no motor skills o .15- major impairment of physical and mentai functions, major impairment of reaction ime, irresponsible behavior o .40- anesthesia; coma likely o .50- DEEP coma, death likely o .60- death ceratin Reduce by .015 percent per hour..still drunk by 10 pm the next da o Practical Tips EAT before, during, and after drinking Beer<wine<liquor for absortion dont do shots Beer is diluted, shots do reverse Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen after heavy drinking Can cause stomach to bleed Drink lots of fluids/ lay off caffeine In terms of error rate, 18 horus of no sleep which many of us regularly do, is equivalent to a blood alcohol evel of about .05 Twenty one hours of no sleep is equivalent to a bal of .08 Stages of Sleep- Changes in brain wave patterns o...
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Psychology Notes ch.5 - Psychology Notes September 28, 2009...

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