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Classroom Principles Assig1

Classroom Principles Assig1 - Christopher O Roman Prob...

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Christopher O. Roman Prob. 23(Pgs. 23-24) Section 02 - General Purpose Self-Regulation Strategies 1. Goal Setting: “My goal for this semester is to achieve straight A’s in all my classes.” 2. Self-Monitoring: “So far I have been doing well in all my classes except for physics. If I want to achieve straight A’s this semester, I am going to have to get extra help in that class.” 3. Time Management: “Ok let me see here. I have four hours left before my next class begins. That means I can spend two hours working on my paper for English and two hours working on my homework for Modern Optics.” 4. Self Regulation of Motivation and Interest: “Man I’m getting bored. But I better get back to reading this article so I can finish my response paper and have a free weekend.” 5. Executive Control: “Here’s my goal for tonight. I’m going to spend one hour on my math homework and one hour on my science homework. After that I’m going to see where I stand so I can begin my history project. And remember, if you slack off you won’t get to watch the big game tonight. So stay focused.” I think out of these strategies, I could implement time management more effectively. I always tend to procrastinate and put things off to the last minute. Of course, I have been improving since I entered college, but I still need a long way to go. - Comprehension Strategies 1. Monitoring Understanding: “I think I understand what the author of this passage was trying to say about global warming, but why the random paragraph on dinosaurs?” 2. Repairing Understanding: “Ok, I finished reading the chapter on kinematics. However, I don’t fully understand section 1. So I think I’m going to go back and read it again so I can better
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