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Educational Autobiography - Christopher O Roman Intro to...

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Christopher O. Roman Intro to Education Paper # 1 Due: 2/10/11 Have you ever gotten in trouble for something you did not do? I’m sure many people can relate back to a specific time in their life when the blame of a certain situation was out of place. For me, this specific time took place when I was in the sixth grade and it was an event that would remain in my mind for the rest of my life. I remember the day vividly. It was a little past noon and the teacher was putting a math problem on the board. I was seated in the back of the room with the three other members of my group. Now, I’m not really an expert with seating arrangements, but the main problem with groups of four is it prompts students to converse with their partners when the teacher is not looking. So naturally, I couldn’t stop myself from talking to my friend Karina who sat directly beside me. I must have spoken too loud because the teacher immediately swung a look in my direction and said, “Chris, that’s one strike. Two more and you’re going to be separated from the group and sitting on your own”. Although I was stubborn in my youth, I was inclined to listen to my teacher’s stern message and silence myself. Soon after making this decision, however, Karina started talking to Jose, another member in our group. It was not long before the teacher shot another glance in my direction. I raised my voice in an attempt to defend myself but the teacher stopped me midway and claimed, “That’s three strikes Chris! Bring your chair up to the desk in the front of the room”. As I moved silently to the front
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Educational Autobiography - Christopher O Roman Intro to...

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