Field Notes (Elementary visit 2)

Field Notes (Elementary visit 2) - Christopher O. Roman...

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Christopher O. Roman Anecdotal Record # 2 Focal Student: Naomi Teacher: Mrs. Amy Cramer Elementary School Date: 2/25/2011 Observation: 9:10-10:10A.M. Context During this lesson, the subject is math and the second graders are learning about the line of symmetry. Mrs. Amy begins by having the students work on a congruence worksheet which she uses as a springboard to begin discussing the line of symmetry. She then has the students work on another worksheet which involves applications of the line of symmetry. Immediately after finishing this worksheet, the students spend the remainder of the lesson working with problems on the SMART Board. The lesson objective was for the students to become familiar with the line of symmetry and be able to apply it to different shapes. Description The students are at their desks working on a congruence worksheet Mrs. Amy handed out. The worksheet has many different shapes on it. Naomi is looking at her partner’s worksheet. Mrs. Amy asks, “What does it mean to be congruent?” There is a brief moment of silence as none of the students answer. Mrs. Amy then asks, “What two congruent shapes do you get when you split a square in half?” Naomi raises her hand and Mrs. Amy allows her to go to the board and share her answer with the rest of the class. Once at the board, Naomi draws a square and slices it in half by drawing a horizontal line throught the center. Mrs. Amy nods her head up and down at the visual, and Naomi walks back to her seat. At this point, Mrs. Amy allows the students to take a break and begin eating their snacks. Naomi begins talking to her group members as she reaches into her desk and pulls out strawberries and a granola bar. She begins to
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eat her snacks and talk at the same time. After about five minutes had passed, Mrs Amy interrupts the students and asks, “Who thinks they can continue while eating?” Naomi joins the rest of the class by raising her hand in the air. Mrs. Amy then asks, “What do you think you will
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Field Notes (Elementary visit 2) - Christopher O. Roman...

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