Field Notes (Elementary visit 4)

Field Notes (Elementary visit 4) - Christopher O. Roman...

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Christopher O. Roman Anecdotal Record # 4 Focal Student: Naomi Teacher: Mrs. Amy Cramer Elementary School Date: 3/11/2011 Observation: 9:10-9:40A.M. Context During this observation, Mrs. Amy did not give her second graders a formal lesson. Instead, she allowed them to work on their science projects as she alternated working with separate groups at the back table. The purpose of the group meetings was to review the short story each group had been assigned during the beginning of the week, and assign parts to each group member for a skit they had to perform based on their story. Since this observation was not an actual lesson, I was unable to note the objective. The subject, however, is reading and the students are preparing for role play. Description Mrs. Amy calls Naomi’s group to the back table. As the students gather around the table Mrs. Amy says, “Tell me what the story was about without opening your books.” The other students begin giving Mrs. Amy their responses, but Naomi remains quiet. Mrs. Amy then asks, “What other author does this story remind you of?” There is a brief moment of silence among the group as the students stare at one another. Naomi then raises her hand and says, “Jan Brett.” Mrs.
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Field Notes (Elementary visit 4) - Christopher O. Roman...

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