Field Notes (Elementary Visit)

Field Notes (Elementary Visit) - Christopher O. Roman...

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Christopher O. Roman Anecdotal Record #1 Teacher: Mrs. Amy Cramer Elementary School Date: 2/11/2011 Observation: 9:00-10:00A.M. Description of Classroom The classroom I was observing was not extremely big in size; however, there was an abundant amount of posters, tables, cabinets, and desks which consumed the entire area. As one enters the classroom through the door on the north wall (depicted on the classroom map), they would see Mrs. Amy’s desk positioned directly to the right of the entrance. In front of Mrs. Amy’s desk are the desks of all the students, arranged in groups of four, five, or six. To the left of the entrance on the north wall is a coat rack for the students and a cabinet with books about the moon and stars on top. This cabinet leads into the east side of the room which contains a pencil sharpener resting on top of a table, a book shelf filled with multiple copies of dictionaries and thesauruses, a reading carpet with a rocking chair, and a supply station containing clocks, dice, cubes, shapes, scissors, glue sticks, dominoes, and more. The east wall contains posters about writing. These posters say, “The Writing Process. Prewriting, Rough Draft, Revise, Edit, Publish. Great Beginnings start with questions, dialogue, action, introduce a character, detailed setting, explanation”. On the south side of the classroom there is an extra table, a reward table which contains four plastic containers with frogs in them (each container belongs to one of the four groups of students), and a computer table with two computers on top. The south wall contains the classroom rules which say, “Respect each other and classroom, Raise your hand, Follow directions, Treat others the way you want to be treated, Try our best to have fun”. Finally, the west side of the classroom contains an extra desk and the board. On the board, there are three short stories titled “Cat in the Hat”, “My Big Dog”, and “Crysanthemum”. The board also
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contains a picture of Mrs. Amy with a student and a quote which states, “Your Behavior is Your Responsibility”. Context The students I am observing are in the second grade. The subject is reading and the lesson topic is inferring. Before the lesson begins, Mrs. Amy prompts the students to ask questions about the story as she reads along. As the lesson progresses, whenever a student asks a question, Mrs. Amy writes it on a long sheet of white poster paper. At the end of the lesson, the objective was for the students to become familiar with asking questions as they read in order to enhance their ability to infer. Description The students are gathered at the reading carpet while Mrs. Amy is sitting on a rocking chair. Mrs. Amy asks the students, “What comprehension strategy did I say I wanted you to know well?” Ethan raises his hand and says, “Infer.” Mrs. Amy shakes her head up and down. At this time, two students stand up from the carpet and walk to their desks for a drink of water. Mrs. Amy stares at them as she prompts the rest of the students to ask questions as she begins to read
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Field Notes (Elementary Visit) - Christopher O. Roman...

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