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Field Notes (Secondary Visit #1)

Field Notes (Secondary Visit #1) - Christopher O Roman...

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Christopher O. Roman Anecdotal Record #1 Teacher: Mrs. Lopez South Island Middle School Date: 3/25/2011 Observation: 10:00-10:45A.M. Context The students I am observing are in the eighth grade. The subject is math and the lesson topic is “area”. All the students are sitting at their desks during the lesson, which is very technology-oriented. Mrs. Lopez uses a device known as a Mimio to teach her students. The Mimio is like a hand-held computer-based board. It allows the user to write and draw anything directly onto it, and then projects the image onto a screen (much like a regular projector would). Also, during the lesson the students are using GEO-Boards (spelling may be incorrect), which is simply a big plastic square with pegs sticking out. The students use the pegs as support to help them create shapes with rubber bands. The lesson objective was for the students to become better at determining the area for squares and triangles. Description Mrs. Lopez begins by saying, “I want everyone to create a square on their GEO-Board with an area of sixteen.” The students begin working with their GEO-Boards and raising their voices at the same time. Mrs. Lopez is walking around the room while looking at the results the students were coming up with. After a few minutes, Mrs. Lopez says, “Ok, now I want you guys to make an isosceles triangle on your GEO-Boards.” Once again the students begin working on their GEO-Boards. A few students immediately begin raising their GEO-Boards in the air. Mrs. Lopez glances at one of the raised boards and says, “Charlie has it. Anyone else?” She then begins circling around the room giving each student a nod of the head. Following this, Mrs.
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Lopez grabs the Mimio and begins drawing a triangle on it. The students begin laughing in unison. Together, they raise their heads toward the ceiling where a rubber band is hanging from a pole. Mrs. Lopez is staring at the students. Still laughing, Kate points at the ceiling and says,
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Field Notes (Secondary Visit #1) - Christopher O Roman...

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