Fieldnotes (Elementary visit three)

Fieldnotes (Elementary visit three) - Christopher O. Roman...

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Christopher O. Roman Anecdotal Record # 3 Focal Student: Naomi Teacher: Mrs. Amy Cramer Elementary School Date: 3/4/2011 Observation: 9:10-9:42A.M. Context Mrs. Amy gathers all the second graders on the reading carpet. The subject is reading and the lesson topic is “making predictions”. As a hook for the lesson, Mrs. Amy describes the details of a short story and allows the students to predict the events of the short story she was going to read based on the cover page. As Mrs. Amy reads the short story, she prompts the students to make predictions from time to time based on what they feel is going to happen next. The lesson objective is for the students to become comfortable with making predictions while they read. Description At the reading carpet, Mrs. Amy asks the class, “Are you in a spot where you know you aren’t going to talk to anyone else?” The students begin moving around and switching their positions on the carpet. After everyone has settled, Mrs. Amy begins explaining what she had written down on the large sheet of white poster paper. The paper read, “What we notice about short stories: (Includes details, short, main characters, beginning, middle, end, problem/solution, has events, setting)”. She then asks the students to try and predict what was going to happen in a short story titled, “I can Read, I can Read”, based on the image depicted on the cover page. At
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Fieldnotes (Elementary visit three) - Christopher O. Roman...

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