Group Project (In-Class Skit)

Group Project (In-Class Skit) - Christopher Roman Thomas...

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Thomas Bryant Evan Ioana Ralisha Group Project: In-Class Skit Cast: Chris – Guy employee #1 Evan – Bisexual Manager Thomas – Guy employee #2 Ioana – Female employee #1 Bryant – Guy employee #3 Ralisha – Female employee #2 Scene 1 – This scene takes place at Petsmart. It is 9:00 P.M on Monday night and the overnight crew is entering the building (3 guy employees and two girl employees). They all make their way to the break-room and begin to chat amongst themselves before getting to work. Bryant: Hey what up guys how was your weekend? Chris: Mine was boring; I had to write this paper for one of my classes. Thomas: Damn that sucks, I went on a date with this hottie; let’s just say she wants me and leave it at that. Ioana: Oh my god Thomas, you’re always coming in here preaching about your dates. Can’t you give it a rest for one night? (Entire crew starts laughing) Ralisha: Yeah, I agree man; you need to relax with that. Thomas: Oh, you guys are just jealous I don’t ever ask you out. Ioana: In your dreams!!! Ralisha: Seriously, you’re so full of yourself!!! Bryant: All right, let’s just all relax. Besides, there’s more interesting things to discuss. Did you guys forget about the new manager we were supposed to get today? Chris: Oh yeah, that’s right, I almost forgot about that, it’s a guy right? Thomas: Who cares, as long as the person is chill. Ralisha: Definitely, our last manager was too strict. (Everyone agrees) Iona: Wait guys be quiet, I think I hear someone coming. (As the employees settle down, they hear footsteps approach the door to the break room. Evan
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Group Project (In-Class Skit) - Christopher Roman Thomas...

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