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Motivation Contract - Christopher O. Roman Educational...

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Christopher O. Roman Educational Psychology Assignment: Paper 3 Section 02 Motivation Contract Tasks: I want to focus on learning goals as opposed to performance goals when developing tasks. I will accomplish this by creating tasks which are relevant to the real world. For instance, when teaching a lesson in area, I will have the students stand up and take measurements of the classroom so that they may compute the area on their own. I will than relate the task to the real world by stating the following: “Now, if we wanted to carpet the room, the area we just computed will be the amount of carpet we need”. Autonomy: Rather than assigning everything to my students without regard to their input, I will give them the opportunity to make their own decisions in certain situations. For instance, on the first day of class, I will allow my students to choose their own seats rather than assigning them like most teachers. Similarly, if we are doing a group assignment where the groups each have to work on a different topic, I will allow each group to give me their preference in topic. Recognition:
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Motivation Contract - Christopher O. Roman Educational...

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