Paper 1 (Constructivism)

Paper 1 (Constructivism) - Christopher O Roman Educational...

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Christopher O. Roman Educational Psychology Section 02 Paper 1 Prove the Pythagorean Theorem In the future, I can envision myself teaching a discrete mathematics course to high school students. As an introduction to the course, my goal would be to begin having students work out simple proofs on their own so they can tackle more strenuous proofs later on. Therefore, I would construct a constructivist lesson for proving the Pythagorean Theorem. Before the students enter the class, I would write this statement on the board: “Prove the Pythagorean Theorem: Group presentations three days from today”. Hence, when they enter, they will get a quick breeze of the topic and begin thinking to themselves. This is when I would step in to explain the assignment. I would start by saying, “Ok guys, as you may have already seen on the board, our topic for the next two days is going to deal with proving the Pythagorean Theorem. This assignment is going to be more about engaging with your peers as opposed to me lecturing you. So let’s begin. Everyone break into groups of four or five depending on where you are situated (wait for students to get in their groups). Good, now in these wonderful groups you just formed, I would like you to discuss amongst each other the most important question of this
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Paper 1 (Constructivism) - Christopher O Roman Educational...

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