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Christopher O. Roman Educational Psychology Section 02 Paper 4 Introduction For this paper, I am examining the attached secondary math text. I will be focusing on how student’s prior conceptions affect their understanding of the chosen text. It is important to note the age group I am considering are eighth graders, as they fit into the category of “secondary school students. Considering Prior Conceptions Students reading this text for the first time may have many prior conceptions which can either impede or facilitate learning. Firstly, a student may be confused with the use of parenthesis in step 1. Parentheses are often used in other subjects such as English. Students may be accustomed to using parenthesis when writing a paper to describe something in further detail. Hence, when encountering parenthesis in mathematics, students may confuse the two subjects and lose a true sense of understanding, thus not realizing that the parenthesis implies multiplication. Another problem with the text is that it does not rewrite the problem in the first step. Most students are used to a specific schema for evaluating problems. This schema includes the following; 1. Rewrite the problem. 2. Substitute the value(s) for the variable(s). 3. Evaluate the expression. In the text, only steps 2 and 3 are enforced which may confuse students as it conflicts with their schema. Finally, the third problem students may have with the text is the “=” sign. When students come across this sign, they may get the misconception that it means “DO SOMETHING”. Often time students do not realize the sign is equally weighing both sides of the
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Paper 4 - Christopher O. Roman Educational Psychology...

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