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Philosophy Statement - Christopher O. Roman Intro 2...

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Christopher O. Roman Intro 2 Education Date: 4/22/11 Philosophy Statement When I was younger, much younger as a matter of fact, I would come home from elementary school each day dreading to do my homework. There was never really any privacy in the small apartment I lived in because the space was always occupied by my two brothers and I, my stepfather, and occasionally my mother who was always working to support the family. So when I came home from school, I would sit on the kitchen table and begin doing my homework for every subject except math, which I always saved for last. I remember I would stare at simple addition worksheets for fifteen minutes at a time, until I eventually gave in to my collapsing brain and called on my stepfather for help. He would come to my call, pull a chair directly beside mine, and explain the simple concept of addition to me in a matter of minutes. Back then, I never really understood how this man, my stepfather, was so intelligent with respect to the subject I could barely comprehend. As the years flew by, however, I ended up learning much more about math until the subject eventually became quite intriguing to me. It was not long before I realized I had surpassed my stepfather’s math-bank of knowledge, and constructed an even bigger one for myself. When I made it to high school, seeing as my passion for the subject did not decline, I decided to make math my future as I looked ahead to the upcoming college years. Making this choice and deciding what to do with the rest of their lives, is probably the most important decision each and every student will eventually have to make. It is for this exact reason I believe the purpose of schooling is to help students learn, to help students grow mentally, and eventually
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Philosophy Statement - Christopher O. Roman Intro 2...

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