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presentation - Whatstherisk By:ChristopherO Roman Topic Im...

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Secondhand Smoke exposure;  What’s the risk? By: Christopher O.  Roman
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Topic I’m studying the negative health impacts correlated with secondhand smoke exposure among casino employees. Significance: Many business industries around the country have already transitioned to a smoke-free workplace. Within the gaming industry, however, most casinos are exempt from policies which prohibit smoking. This is unfair to nonsmoking casino employees who are exposed to secondhand smoke daily, as they are constantly putting their health and well being at risk. Research Question: This research investigates the negative health impacts linked with casino employees and ETS exposure, and considers possible solutions to rectify the problem. Thesis: Secondhand smoke exposure among a highly exposed group of nonsmoking casino employees is linked to adverse health conditions. In order to safeguard this group of employees, viable solutions such as ventilation and smoke-free laws should be considered.
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