Findings - Findings Smoking in the workplace is a common...

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Findings Smoking in the workplace is a common practice for most businesses in the gaming and hospitality industries. Although the focus of this study is on the gaming industry, specifically casinos, it is important to note the consequences linked to smoking in all workplaces are severe and should not be overlooked. Considering this issue from a more general perspective, SHS exposure is linked to adverse health conditions among the typical nonsmoker. Although the evidence which links these health conditions to SHS exposure is well grounded, some may argue the true cause of these adverse health conditions is the ambient air quality of the cities inhabited by nonsmokers. These advocates link negative health conditions to air pollution exposure rather than SHS exposure. Several scholars examine many studies dating back to 1985 which evaluated the concentration of particulate pollution in contemporary cities. The concentration of particulate pollution was measured daily to accumulate data over a certain time period. The most important link made by the data connected an increase in particulate pollution concentrations to respiratory disease and a decrease in lung function. According to the data, “The results suggest that a 10 ug/m^3 increase in particulate matter was typically associated with a decline of less than 2% in lung function. Respiratory disease, including emphysema and chronic bronchitis, and the incidence of respiratory symptoms were also associated with particulate pollution” (Pope et. al. 475). It is evident here that adverse health effects are definitely linked with air pollution exposure. Looking at the bigger picture, however, it is imperative to note the general public is exposed to air pollution on a daily basis. Although this does pose a threat to the health of the public, that threat is automatically heightened due to SHS exposure. In fact, research suggests
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Findings - Findings Smoking in the workplace is a common...

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