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Research Proposal (Draft)

Research Proposal (Draft) - Christopher O Roman Research...

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Christopher O. Roman Research Proposal Due: 10/14/10 Introduction Smokers in the US rarely focus on the harm they are doing to others through their own actions. In fact, some smokers do not see how smoking can have such negative health impacts on the typical non-smoker. The truth is these health impacts are severe indeed and research over the past two decades supports this claim. What the typical smoker does not see is what they are releasing into the atmosphere each time they take a whiff of their cigarette. Cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals which mix with the atmosphere and begin polluting it at an exponential rate, especially in closed areas. The general term given to the polluted air caused by smoking is known as Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS). ETS exposure by the typical nonsmoker can cause serious health conditions linked with heart disease and lung cancer. However, who is more at risk here? The general answer to this question comes from considering which group is exposed more frequently to ETS. For instance, an average non-smoker exposed to ETS while they are outside is probably less likely to catch health conditions, as opposed to an employee who is exposed to smoking around the clock. It is for this reason that I am researching the negative health impacts linked with casino employees and their exposure to ETS. These employees are at risk everyday they go to work and need similar protection from the government through smoke free legislations. Many people may overlook this issue as it does not pertain to them but I consider it a serious matter for my own reasons. Firstly, I have never been too fond of passing by smokers because the smell released by their cigarettes is unbearable and gives me an instant headache. Since I can barely pass by a smoker without reacting in some way, I can only imagine how it must be for casino employees who are exposed to smoke all the time. My second reason for interest in this topic has to do with
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a little trip I took to Atlantic City this past summer when my brother from California came down to visit. Being a big party guy, my brother wanted to try his luck in the casinos. Of course, everyone agreed with him and we all ended up tagging along to the nearest casino. As soon as I entered the building, the one thing that caught my attention was the smell. Never in my life have
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Research Proposal (Draft) - Christopher O Roman Research...

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