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Summative Page - each day Mrs Amy properly maintained order...

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Summative Page My elementary field placement turned out to be an excellent and informative experience. The elementary school was located in a suburban area and the district seemed to be very wealthy. The school climate was indeed colorful, vivid, and alive. Whenever I walked through the richly decorated halls, I was always greeted by someone who made me feel like I was an important part of the school community. Mrs. Amy, the teacher I was assigned to, turned out to be an excellent educator. As I observed her throughout the weeks, I noticed her classroom management was absolutely phenomenal. Each morning, she would courteously greet each student individually and watch as they enter the room and immediately hang up their jackets. As I witnessed the same systematic procedure each Friday, it became evident that Mrs. Amy had done a wonderful job implementing her routines at the beginning of the year. Once the students were ready to start
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Unformatted text preview: each day, Mrs. Amy properly maintained order within the classroom by giving a gesture with her throat whenever the students became a bit rowdy. Ultimately, if there was anything I would replicate from Mrs. Amy, it would definitely be her classroom management. Gearing away from the students, Mrs. Amy was also very helpful and willing to make me get the most out of my experience. On my third observation, she insisted that I go with the students to gym in order to observe my focal student outside the classroom. This was a great experience which helped me learn more about Naomi. She was an intelligent student who was easily distracted, but never lost focus of the task at hand. Overall, the experience was very pleasant. I would definitely want to work in this school district in the future if given the opportunity....
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