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Christopher O. Roman Environment (355:201) Version 1 Draft Due: 10/26/10 Introduction Some smokers and ex-smokers like to say that all people have vices that harm others and smoking is no different from other bad habits such as overeating. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have an overweight person standing next to me than a smoker or a drunk or a person who is high on drugs. Some vices have a more immediate detrimental effect on the wellbeing of others. Pointing fingers at other vices doesn’t change the fact that public smokers attack the lungs and nasal passages of innocent bystanders, giving at least some of them instant pain and discomfort. (Is it a good way to introduce topic?) Duane Alan Hahn According to Hahn, some smokers tend to point fingers at other bad habits in order to justify the act of smoking. They undermine the negative health impacts caused by their own actions on the average non-smoker. The truth is these health impacts are severe and research over the past two decades help support this claim. What typical smokers do not see is what they are releasing into the atmosphere each time they take a whiff of their cigarette. Cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals which mix with the atmosphere and begin polluting it at an exponential rate, especially in closed areas. The general term given to the polluted air caused by smoking is
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Version 1 draft - Christopher O Roman Environment(355:201...

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