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Lesson Plan Template - Rutgers GSE Teacher Education Portfolio Lesson Plan Template 1 Title of the Lesson 2 NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards

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Rutgers GSE Teacher Education Portfolio Lesson Plan Template 1. Title of the Lesson: 2. NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards addressed in the lesson. Do not simply list the standard number, for example, 5.5. Instead, list the complete standard. For example, you might list: STANDARD 5.5 (Characteristics of Life) All students will gain an understanding of the structure, characteristics, and basic needs of organisms and will investigate the diversity of life. 3. Identify Resources needed. Group them into teacher use and student use (where appropriate, identify texts, equipment, media, family or community resources to be used in the lesson). 4. Describe what students should know before they start the lesson. Describe all formative assessments that you plan to use and how you will provide feedback (e.g. if these are problems - include solutions). Indicate what compensatory activities you will use for those students who lack prerequisite knowledge. 5. State the objectives of the lesson.
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