Modern High School Mathematics (Journal Entry 2)

Modern High School Mathematics (Journal Entry 2) - The past...

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The past weeks’ class discussion/readings have been primarily centered on teaching algebra through a conceptual approach. Before I begin my discussion on algebra, however, I would like to examine the reading titled, “Calculational and Conceptual Orientations in Teaching Mathematics”. In this article, Thompson begins by introducing two teaching scenarios; one linked to calculational instruction and the other linked to conceptual instruction. In each scenario, the teachers were discussing the same problem with their students. The difference in their instruction, however, was very evident. In the first scenario, teacher 1 was mainly focused on the arithmetic procedures which led the students to specific results. On the other hand, teacher 2 was focused on the reasoning behind the arithmetic procedures performed by the students. He forces his students to explain their logic behind each step and to make connections between the numbered results and their symbolic representations. Based on what I have learned in the past
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