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Lit Review Ed Comp - Christopher O. Roman Education and...

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Christopher O. Roman Education and Comp. Prof. James O’ Kelly Homework #1 In his review titled “Integrating the iPod touch in K-12 Education: Visions and Vices”, Savilla Banister discusses the idea of incorporating the iPod touch within the educational curriculum. Banister first gives a description of the device and explains how the built-in applications (both media and non-media) can be used in K-12 education. He then furthers his discussion on the iPod touch by introducing other applications, not originally built into the device, which can be downloaded from the internet to help further K-12 education. In introducing the iPod touch, Banister references all the built-in applications which can be used to further K-12 education. The media applications he describes allows students the opportunity to use a wide range of digital multimedia resources such as “photos”, “music”, and “movies”. The purpose of these resources is to use relevant audio, video, and images pertaining to specific educational topics. Banister also explains how teachers can use the iPod touch to create their own media specifically tailored to their instruction. In addition to media applications, the iPod touch has other built in applications such as “notes”, “clock”, “calculator”, “maps”, and “weather”, which can also be used in the classroom. For the most part, these applications are pretty straightforward. The “calculator”, for example, can be used by students to perform quick mathematical operations on simple math problems. The “notes” application can be used
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Lit Review Ed Comp - Christopher O. Roman Education and...

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