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Lterature Review - Literature Review James L Repace is a...

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Literature Review James L. Repace is a biophysicist and consultant of secondhand smoke who is with the Department of Public Health and Family Medicine. His research is further analyzed in an article found in the peer reviewed American Journal of Public Health titled, “Secondhand Smoke in Pennsylvania Casinos: A Study of Nonsmokers’ Exposure, Dose, and Risk”. Here, the author did intensive research on air pollution caused by the toxins emitted through active smoking in Pennsylvania casinos, and the negative impact it had on nonsmokers. To begin the author defines three important terms known as Respirable Suspended Particles (RSP), exposure, and dose: RSP was defined as particulate matter less than 2.5ug in diameter that can easily be inhaled into the lungs and is copiously emitted by cigarettes, pipes, and cigars. Exposure was defined as the atmospheric secondhand smoke (SHS) concentration that contact’s a person’s boundary. Finally, dose was defined as the inhaled, absorbed and metabolized body fluid concentration of cotinine, the metabolite of SHS nicotine. In his research, Repace measured the amount of RSP found in the atmosphere of indoor casinos, and compared it to the amount of RSP found outdoors. He then measured the dose of cotinine found in the urine of the nonsmoker volunteers who visited the casinos for hours at a time. He finally examines the impact of secondhand smoking on casino workers and links it to heart disease and lung cancer. His findings concluded that RSP levels were significantly greater in casinos than they were outdoors, and the doses of cotinine levels were also higher in the nonsmoker volunteers. Thus, upon exposure to RSP, secondhand smokers were already being affected. The authors analysis on nonsmoking casino workers led him to believe they were in a
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Lterature Review - Literature Review James L Repace is a...

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